Ethereum Implementation

A complete guide for setting up ethereum and contract coding.

We launched an implementation at SEP 4 2017, it is included system set-up ,contract coding ,node operation ...etc.

You can access to guide site by click on the hyperlink below.


Here are some key point of ethereum smart contract presented in weekly meeting.

JUL 12 2017

Environment Set-up

A keynote about how to set-up the ethereum environment.

JUL 31 2017

Concept of smart contract

An introduction about smart contract.

AUG 9 2017

Coding smart contract

An introduction about Remix and how to run a contract.

OCT 18 2017

Coding Web3 javascript api

An introduction about web3 javascript api which connected with html element and node.

NOV 8 2017

A vote decentralized application demo

An introduction about how to deploy a contract without truffle.

SEP 27 2017

Decentralized Application with truffle

An introduction about deploing a contract with truffle.

NOV 29 2017

DAPP Certificate Issue System

Building a DAPP certificate issue system.

  • Working precisely

  • Lower human negligence

  • Cost down

  • Decentralized